Doing some testing...

We're currently testing out a build of ReHLDS and Metamod-r on the AvaMods 5.o DoD server. There is a chance of there being issues and some things might not be working properly. If you come across any sort of problem during this period, please contact us or post on the forums about it so that we are aware of the issue. We can easily switch back to the official builds if needed, but so far I have not come across anything that did not seem to be working....

* update #1 *

The server was crashing after running for just a little while and I suspect it might be caused by the Metamod-r build, so I reverted back to the previous Metamod-p build and we'll see if that resolves the crashing.

posted by diamond-optic in Server ( comments: 0 )
Saturday, November 11, 2017 - 12:31PM

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