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  GTA V Mods
> GTA V Script Mods
14 3654
> GTA V Texture Mods
12 2915
> GTA V mods that don't fit in the other categories...
4 3328
  AvaMods Server
  Custom Maps
> These are custom maps that you will find running on the AvaMods DoD server
76 43294
  Texture WADs
> Alternate textures for maps run on the AvaMods DoD server
4 2930
  AvaMods Specific
> Plugins that were specifically designed to be used on the AvaMods server.. these are more for 'guides' for ppl to write their own specific plugins.. mostly outdated stuff that i no longer keep private
12 7783
  DoD Specific
> Plugins designed specifically for use in Day of Defeat
36 25355
  Non Mod Specific
> Plugins that *should* work for any modification
19 9569
> Icons for your day of defeat shortcuts..
3 1499
  Tools & Such
> Various tools, applications, guides, and other stuff to help you out here and there. [VERY OUTDATED!]
15 10062
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