Ok, I have some bad news...

Without going into great detail (due to details that aren't exactly legal), I've decided to pull the whole AvaServer offline. So that means the DoD server, stats, svn, as well as a bunch of stuff not directly connected to AvaMods itself will be down. This website and the majority of the AvaMods affiliated sites will not be affected. While its not exactly a big deal for the DoD server to be down, it still sucks. I could possibly have left everything up but it would have required an IP change as well as a dramatic decrease in bandwidth. I decided that wasn't really an acceptable option, so instead just taking the entire AvaServer machine offline is what I see as the best direction to go in.

I have no idea how long this will be for. It could be a week or two, it could be a month, or it could even end up being permanent. When the server does come back online, there will have to be another IP change (if not several) no matter what, that fact is unavoidable. No matter what the eventual outcome is, I'm sure this hurts me more then it does everyone else put together lol. But I still feel the need to offer my apologies for anyone that is somehow inconvenienced by this whole ordeal.

Hopefully AvaMods 5.o will get a chance to continue on... If not.. well this extension was unexpected anyway and bringing us to 12 years of operation still blows me away..

> diamond-optic signing off....

posted by diamond-optic in Server ( comments: 0 )
Monday, November 20, 2017 - 07:30PM

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